Atto butters, artisanal breads, grilled vegetables with chili pepper, hummus and cumaru candle


BRL 18

Finger Foods

Roots & banana Chips (vegan/gluten-free)
With hummus


BRL 28


Biro-Biro rice croquette
With tangerine mayonnaise


BRL 38


Meat & cheese croquette
With Atto pepper


BRL 38

Spicy fish cake
With Lime Mayonnaise and Jalapeño


BRL 38

Brie toast (vegetarian)
With honey and carambola


BRL 38


Smoked salmon toast
With mascarpone and flying fish roe


BRL 48


Crispy Fish Bao (remember to repeat)
with ‘Meia-Cura’ cheese, lettuce and tartar sauce


BRL 46.80


Flank steak Bao
With arugula, pickled red onion and lemon mayonnaise


BRL 46.80



Fish crudo
With flying fish roe, avocado and toast


BRL 58


Smoked burrata (A la parrilla)
Wrapped in parma ham, with a trio of tomatoes and PANCS


BRL 78


Steak Tartare
With baked pastry toast


BRL 50.8


Grilled seafood
Shrimp, squid and octopus Provencal style with chili pepper and cane molasses vinaigrette


BRL 78


Lychee ceviche (vegan/gluten-free)
With wild rice popcorn


BRL 44.80


MOLLET Egg (vegetarian)
With mascarpone cream, mushrooms and toast


BRL 42.80



Goat cheese with almonds (vegetarian/gluten-free)
Mixed leaves, boursin cheese, almonds, grilled beetroot, asparagus in a truffled balsamic sauce


BRL 58


Atto Salad
Quinoa, kale, edamame, strawberry and carambola in soy sauce with chestnuts
Grilled salmon option + $38

BRL 49.80


Arugula, tapenade, pistachio mustard sauce, chestnuts and toast


BRL 62.8


Main Dish

- From Planting Land -

Million Dollar gnocchi (vegetarian/gluten-free)
With mascarpone fonduta, crunchy parmesan and mini grilled corn


BRL 78.80


Vegetables w/ Curry (spicy/vegan/gluten-free)
With jasmine rice, mushrooms, kale, carrots, broccoli, mini corn and cashews in curry and coconut milk


BRL 68


Atto alla Parrilla
With crispy potatoes and asparagus in mushroom cream


BRL 128


Lamb shoulder in wine
With risoni with mint pesto


BRL 118

Goat cheese ravioli (vegetarian)
With rustic tomato sauce with tapenade and lemon zest


BRL 80


Flank steak with beer (recommend it to your CEO)
With cassava aligot, grilled vegetables and pistachio and chestnut crumble


BRL 108


- From the Sea -

Seafood spaghetti (grilled)
With white wine, herb butter and concassé tomato


BRL 128


Curry Shrimp with Pineapple (spicy)
With Jasmine rice, cashew nuts and coconut


BRL 98

Grilled octopus (gluten-free)
With tomato citric broth rice with bacon


BRL 118

Fish of the day (gluten free)
With banana risotto, crunchy parma and crunchy sage


BRL 98

Seared Tuna in Yakitori (gluten-free)
In hempseeds crust, sesame, chia and pistachio crust, with truffled cassava puree, mollet egg, mushrooms and mix of leaves


BRL 112.80


Shrimp & Hake Hoffmann (gluten-free/serves 2 people)
With paprika cream, crispy potatoes, asparagus and rice


BRL 208



French toast (vegan)
With vegan chocolate ganache, raspberry sorbet and strawberry compote


BRL 30.80


Inverted pavlova (gluten free)
With saffron cream anglaise with almond, strawberry and thyme sponge cake


BRL 36.80


Cacauaçu (it’s worth breaking the diet!/gluten-free)
Cocoa shell stuffed with cupuaçu mousse on a brownie base


BRL 38.80

Crushhat Catch Fire (this should be prohibited!)
Grilled banana, half-cured cheese, homemade dulce de leche, fleur de sel and crispy cheese *made on the grill


BRL 36.80