She was born in São Paulo and grew up in Chapecó – Santa Catarina, where since she was a little girl she had a taste for cooking with the encouragement of her grandmother, with whom she learned the importance of each food, mixing what she had at home and creating tasty and fresh delicious food.


A student of Tourism and Hospitality and Administration at Anhembi Morumbi, she made her first international trip at the age of 17 to study English. When she was in Australia she worked as a waitress but soon entered the kitchen, washed a lot of dishes before cooking, but soon became a kitchen help claiming her gift when she needed to replace an employee at the stove.


Luiza was also a volunteer in the Tsunami that took place in Thailand in 2004, where she cooked and took care of the children with great dedication. This experience was one of the most intense, as she slept on the vine and took a bucket bath, but she claims that she ate some of the best food of her life.


Years later, she graduated in gastronomy at the Paul Bocuse Institute in France, specialized in macrobiotic nutrition in the Netherlands and did an internship at the Martin Berasategui Restaurant in Spain, which is listed in the Michelin guide in the three-star category. In addition to participating in gastronomic meetings such as the famous Dinner of the Century, where she met and worked with renowned chef Alex Atala.


Back in Brazil, she headed small houses and soon opened her first business in 2011, Figo. However, in 2016, she left the restaurant and started to dedicate herself to the Bizu program, from Food Network, whose main objective is to choose just one key ingredient that will be the main element for a complete menu.